News: Yunnan Seminar, Concluded

Yunnan Seminar, Concluded

Scales of Environmentalism: Waterworks and Environmental Conservation in China  is a design research seminar run at the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Architecture in Spring 2012.  The course argues that the design disciplines' ability to represent highly physical and physiographic phenomena can be used as a tool of agency to navigate complex disciplinary silos. The term has focused on the identification and refinement of topics, in many cases binaries, that are able to re-narrate the collision between rural development and environmental conservation toward productive ends.  Projects distill seasons, topography, land use and more abstract measurements (limits, fragmentation, overlaps) that form boundaries and perceptions instrumental to the outcomes of the Western Development Campaign and transnational conflicts.

The final review panel included invited critic Professor David Dudgeon, Chair Professor of Ecology and Biodiversity and Dean for Research of HKU's Faculty of Sciences.  Dudgeon has been actively involved in conservation work along the Mekong and South China for the past two decades and is highly published, a member emeritus of Hong Kong's Town Planning Board, Executive Councilor and Trustee of WWF-Hong Kong, and critically aware of the regional disputes specific to many of the students' projects.

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