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Student Research Projects

Student research projects for  ARCH7045, Scales of Environmentalism: Waterworks and Environmental Conservation in China  are almost complete.  Term topics include:

The Nature that Must Be Conquered:
Modernist Ideology and Risks of Xijiang Flow Regulation System

WANG Yang Vincent

Development vs Conservation: Hydropower, Mining & Tourism
QIAO Zijiao Edwin

Risks of Dam Construction on Nu River
YU Zhiqing Henry

Justify the Actual Exploitable Generating Potential Versus Conceptual Potential
CHEN Gaoxiang Ivan

Forced Resettlement: Scientific or Economic Motivation?

Hydrological Power Construction and Social Justice:
Taking Manwan Dam Project as a case study

LI Perry

Climate and Risk: The flow and Dam construction/ study of Lancang-Mekong River
LIN Junyu Monica

Water Is Important to China/ Water Is Important to Yunnan
WAN Lei Ray

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energies in Zhao Tong
XIA Lewei Peggy

Viability and Impact of SHP (Small Hydropower)
ZHANG Yucong Viola

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