Landscape Connectivity Workshop

Ashley Scott Kelly delivered a talk titled "Critical Linkages" at the "Landscape Connectivity Workshop" hosted by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-India) in New Delhi on 7-9 May. The three-day event brought together experts from India, Nepal, China, Russia, Mongolia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Spain and the United States to work with more than 60 representatives from the IUCN, the Global Tiger Forum, governments and international conservation NGOs. The workshop addressed issues of identification and design, lessons from long term corridor programs, monitoring corridors, corridor policy, genetics and climate change, and emerging fields in connectivity conservation for habitats ranging from snow leopard and elephant to rhino and tiger landscapes. Ashley presented on his current work developing guidelines for linkage modelling for complex landscapes under varying levels of data availability, development transparency and expertise.

WWF Landscape Connectivity Workshop

WWF Landscape Connectivity Workshop, 2018.
WWF Landscape Connectivity Workshop, 2018.

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