Ashley Scott Kelly

Ashley Scott Kelly

Ashley Scott Kelly


My work focuses on the advanced modeling and representation of ecological phenomena, geospatial and heavy data, with applied research covering environmental risk, policy, and the equitable distribution of physical resources. I offer studio and lecture courses on regional landscape planning, landscape media, and GIS and research-based seminars on environmental conservation, modernization and rural development in China, Southeast Asia and Latin America. My current research targets three areas: 1) Advocating for multi-scale landscape planning in economic, humanitarian, and rural development in Myanmar, Nepal and Peru; 2) Urban environmental conservation and development in Hong Kong; and 3) Topology structures for complex spatial and environmental design.

I have advanced fluency in data analysis, visualization and spatial modeling, which is supported by control over a wide gamut of scripting languages for web development, databasing, and data-mining, as well as discipline-specific knowledge in Processing, CATIA, and scripted visualization. These allow me to gather, query and manipulate diverse forms of data with specific research intentions.

In these efforts, I've led students on international field research to the Western Amazon, Nepal, and rural Myanmar. Recent exhibits include work on the Western Amazon at the Buenos Aires Architecture Bienal and on climate change in the Pearl River Delta at the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale. These works bridge important disciplinary and scalar gaps, connecting design, mathematics, geography and anthropology through tangible narratives and media that offer wide-reaching practical and pedagogical implications.


Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Cambridge
Master in Architecture

University of Michigan, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Ann Arbor
BSc Architecture

with courses also completed at:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Cambridge

Columbia University, School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, New York


University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Architecture, 2011 (current)

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design, Cambridge 2010

TEN Arquitectos, Enrique Norten, New York 2009

  • Rutgers Campus and Business School, New Jersey
  • BAM Arts Center and Residential Tower, Brooklyn

Gateway National Recreation Area, New York and New Jersey Harbor, 2007

HOK New York, New York, 2006 - 2008

  • Arverne East Mixed-use 47-acre Master Plan, The Rockaways, Queens
  • New York Penn Station (Moynihan) Redevelopment
  • US Congressional Master Plan, Washington DC
  • Jaipur Township 480 hectare Master Plan and environmental strategy, Rajasthan, India
  • Me Tri District Master Plan, Hanoi