This site presents projects across a multitude of topics and locations, generally fielded in the design disciplines.  I believe most complex problems can be advanced and mediated through design, using a wide recognition of urban processes, economy, ecologies and social observations.
My work focuses on the advanced modeling and representation of ecological phenomena, geospatial and heavy data, with applied research into environmental risk and policy, equity, aesthetics and the distribution of physical resources.  I offer studio, lecture, and seminar courses on advanced digital media and on environmental conservation, modernization and rural development in China, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Current research targets the ecological effects of the Sino-Peru timber trade with Harvard's South America Project, alongside frameworks for discontinuous modeling and manipulation of complex spatial data.
20 March 2015
Thailand-Myanmar SEZ Fieldwork
Design for Conservation
Over the past two weeks, HKU undergraduate landscape students travelled from Thailand to Myanmar to study regional planning of the Dawei-Kanchanaburi corridor and Special Economic Zone. Preceding the trip, the group spent 5 weeks producing a 200-page research report, of maps, timelines and diagrams, contextualising the SEZ across industry, investment, land rights, ethnic conflicts, and environmental conservation. During travel, students presented their work to the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), Fauna and Flora International (FFI), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), The Border Consortium (TBC), EcoDev, and the Dawei Development Association (DDA). The field tour was led by Assistant Professors Ashley Scott Kelly and Dorothy Tang.
08 November 2014
HK Ground installed at HKU
Hong Kong Topography
Hong Kong Ground is now installed on the 6th floor of the Knowles Building, University of Hong Kong.  This line drawing is composed of five panels, each with dimensions 900 x 1,550 millimeters (4.5 x 1.55 meters total), that together form a single perspectival view of Hong Kong Island.  Line weights for the drawing are incredibly fine, ranging from 0.1 to 1.5 millimeters.
30 August 2014
Website launched for Hong Kong Ground: Parametric approaches to discontinuous surface creation.
21 July 2014
Smart Geometry Hong Kong
Hong Kong Topography
Hong Kong Ground and Design for Conservation were presented Saturday at the 11th annual SmartGeometry Conference.  "Smart Geometry" is a leading industry conference on digital design. Smart Geometry has in previous iterations dealt primarily with cutting-edge digital work at the architectural scale. This year is the first time topics in urban spatial analyses are figuring prominently in the mix of conference workshops and speakers, which include those from MIT's SENSEable City Lab and ETH's Future Cities Laboratory.  A week-long workshop of 10 teams culminated in an exhibition at CUHK's AIT Building, with installations modeling urban data, networks, and dense building typologies.